Healaflow Aptissen



HealaFlow is a unique injectable filtering spacer used in glaucoma surgery. It allows the maintenance of the filtration space volume, the control of fibrosis and therefore the preservation of the filtration function. HealaFlow is composed of highly cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, a highly viscous and hydrophilic component that has been designed to optimize aqueous humor drainage and to help keeping low intra-ocular pressure.


HealalFow is used in penetrating and non-penetrating surgery to reduce contact between the different eye layers at the site of the surgery, and to keep the filtration space (the bleb) optimally operational. HealaFlow can be used in combination with any surgical procedures, in association with any solid implants and with or without antimetabolites. It requires no surgery technique modification, therefore the required learning curve is minimal.


Healaflow is a slowly resorbable viscoelastic implant indicated for penetrating and non-penetrating glaucoma surgery. Injected under the scleral flap and the conjunctiva, it acts as a drainage implant and limits the postoperative fibrosis thus improving the surgical success rate.


• A space filling product
• An anti-inflammatory effect
• Non-animal origin
• Easy-to-use, an injectable implant

HealaFlow can be used in all types of glaucoma filtering surgeries:

• Trabeculectomy
• Deep Sclerectomy
• Viscocanalostomy
• Shunts/stents/tubes

HealaFlow can be injected:

• Into the scleral lake
• Under the scleral flap
• Under the conjunctiva

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