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Artis Symbiose


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No [960783]

Lens typeFor implantation in the capsular bag
Optic diameter6.00 mm
Overall diameter10.79 mm
DesignOne-piece square edge on 360°
Optic designDiffractive multifocal extended depth of focus with binocular complementarity
Aspherical with negative spherical aberration to partly correct corneal spherical aberration
Diffractive pattern on the anterior face, biconvex
MaterialHydrophobic CBK 1.8 from Cristalens
Dioptric powersFrom +10.0D to +35.0D by 0.5D
Additions (at IOL plane)MID: Superior intermediate vision – PLUS: Superior near vision
Estimated A-Constant (SRK-T)119.3 Ultrasound biometry
119.7 Interference laser biometry
Suggested anterior chamber depth (ACD)5.77 mm Ultrasound biometry
6.03 mm Interference laser biometry
Refractive index1.54
SterilizationEthylene oxide
Injection systemPreloaded system
Recommended incision size2.0 mm
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